LIVEBLOG ASSIGNMENT: American Music Awards

For the liveblogging assignment, I didn’t even hesitate when asked to choose an event to cover. I am a pop culture junkie, and hope to work in entertainment journalism one day, so choosing to cover the American Music Awards was an obvious choice for me. I also would’ve been livetweeting the event on my personal twitter anyways, so I figured, why not just clean it up and do it for this assignment? You never know what will happen at these award shows; one of these performances could be one that goes down in history. Or something could unexpectedly happen, it is live TV after all. One day I will be able to say “Hey, remember ______’s performance at the AMAs in 2013?! That was incredible, I’ll never forget it!” That’s not even an exaggeration. Remember the performance at the Super Bowl when Janet Jackson’s nipple was accidentally revealed to the millions of viewers around the world? Or when Lady Gaga committed artistic suicide on stage during the 2009 VMAs? Or what about Britney Spears’ infamous performance at the 2007 VMAs? Those are all going to go down in history, and I witnessed them.

The major thing I learnt in covering this event was just to control myself. Sometimes when you’re watching a live show, you get worked up and you want to just say whatever’s on your mind, but if you’re a working journalist, you can’t always do that. I didn’t want to write anything offensive or anything that would be considered inappropriate if I worked for a media outlet. When certain artists I didn’t like would be on screen, I restrained myself from making jokes at their expense. Or if an artist I’m obsessed with was performing, I tried not to let my excitement show too much (though at some points, I did let it out…). I would say this assignment will really help me down the line. I’m sure one day in the future when I’m working for some magazine or online publication, I’ll be asked to liveblog an event. If I remember the restraint I learnt from tonight, then I’ll be ready! I also realized the important of using other sources. There are so many genius tweets out there that I was able to integrate into my own liveblog, not to mention the number of other sources that helped make my stream both entertaining and informative.


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